What Does It Mean to Put a Price on Carbon? It is the poor and the general public that pay…

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What Does It Mean to Put a Price on Carbon?
It is the poor and the general public that pay…


Bamboo gives more oxygen.


Bamboo Absorbs more carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen into the atmosphere, compared to an equivalent mass of trees. Making it great for absorbing greenhouse gases, compacting desertification and global warming.

We believe that increasing the level of carbon sequestration is one of a range of viable options for reducing the total amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and thus mitigating future dangerous climate change-related scenarios.

It is the poor and the general public that pay for carbon emissions through ways such as damage to crops and health care costs from heat waves and droughts or to property from flooding and sea level rise – and tie them to their sources through a price on carbon.

Kenya should hold industrial parks that emit carbon responsible by placing a price on the amount of carbon they emit and that will help shift the burden for the damage back to those who are responsible for it. Such companies should lease idle land and convert such land into bamboo forests to serve as carbon sinks.

We hold it with much more truth and objectivity that by converting land containing relatively low levels of carbon (e.g. shrub and pasture lands, agricultural fields, or degraded forests) into forested land, which contains more carbon in the vegetation and soil, more atmospheric CO2 could potentially be sequestered in terrestrial ecosystems. The strong advocacy theory of sequestering more carbon through vegetation is a credible effort towards mitigating future dangerous climate change-related scenarios.

At Kitil Farm, we have all the bamboo seedlings that you need to make positive effort towards mitigating climate change and global warming.


Cotton is not the future for the textile industry, it’s in the past. Bamboo is the future

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Think bamboo textile as opposed to cotton textile for AGOA. Bamboo textile is superior, economical to grow and process and UV compliant.

Kitil Farm is a licensed open quarantine which operates in Kenya. We grow and sell high quality bamboo seedlings to individuals, investment groups, NGOs, CBOs, Government ministries and departments, and County governments. We use biotechnology, among other laboratory techniques. We also establish bamboo nurseries, rehabilitate degraded land, to fully functional ecosystem using bamboo.

Cotton is not the future for the textile industry, it’s in the past. Bamboo is the future. 
The benefits of bamboo compared to cotton are so immense to fit in one single article. However, in a nutshell, as opposed to cotton farming, bamboo farming for textile, does not need the use of chemicals while glowing and less use of chemicals in processing, In land use management; with bamboo you will need less land to obtain the same output as cotton, water usage; you will require much less water to grow and process bamboo textile compared to cotton textile, employment and wealth creation; bamboo plantation and processing requires less human interventions than cotton; bamboos plantations are less dangerous and toxic compared to cotton whose used chemicals end up in our rivers and in our food chain, the bamboo approach is in line with vision 2030 and the global SDG: bamboo plantations for textile will improve the countries forest cover, increase rainfall patterns and a more tenable approach in mitigating climate change.
Take this approach and you will be the pioneer in Kenya to produce home made textile from bamboo. Although the rest of the world is ahead in this venture, its never too late. Kitil Farm will take a lead in selecting the most ideal species for you, establishing a bamboo plantation for you, engaging consultants to design the bamboo textile factory for you, selling bamboo seedlings to you, training farmers in all aspects of bamboo growing and management.
Kitil Farm is the largest bamboo plantation in Africa. We are working with world renowned investors, environmentalists.  If you have time for this approach, kindly let us know and we will have further discussions. 

It is wise to say..

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I will love the rich for they are yet lonely; I will love the poor for they are so many. I will love the young for the faith they hold; I will love the old for the wisdom they share.  TGSW

I will plant bamboo for it is Wealth and shall secure my future for generations.

Happy Eid Mubarak

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Happy Eid Mubarak.

Happy Eid Mubarak

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To all our customers and network of experts, we wish you and your families a happy Eid Mubarak.

Happy Eid

How to become a man or woman of means

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“I would not be one of those who stand afar off, enviously watching others enjoy.” A plantation of bamboo gives you over 1500 investment opportunities.  Bamboo is Wealth. “Wealth is a power. With wealth many things are possible” It is difficult to realize your full potential without adequate means. “Become a man or woman of means” and “make yourself a guest at this banquet of good things.”

Plant bamboo you are only a step away from great Wealth. Buy quality giant bamboo seedlings from Kitil Farm.